Heartiest congratulation and welcome to all shareholders and institutions including BSEC, DSE, CSE and our well-wishers on behalf of Fine Foods Limited.

Fine Foods Limited is now at a viable position after crossing a lot of hurdles from beginning its operation. In its struggle with environment adversity, this agro-company has continued its effort to leap ahead with success.

In its year of establishment as Public Limited Company in 2002, the company declared 20%, each Dividend. Then in 2005 cash 5% in 2008 cash and stock 5%, in 2009 stock 15%, in 2010 stock 25, in 2011 stock 10%, In 2012 stock 10% and in 2013 stock % Dividend was declared. But after long time this year 2014 was declared no Dividend being the political disestability and few important internal maintenance and repairing works at projects. You know, its business was commenced with one project and it has already started a new project. I strongly hope in the next year we must be succeed.

I firmly believe that once Fine Foods Limited shall be established as a complete successful company of the country.